Rainbows invite themselves into philanthropy!

For some time now, and especially in the wake of current events, some NPOs took great pains to adapt their philanthropic marketing strategies as a call for hope and solidarity.

The extent of the phenomenon is national and even global. Our experts in philanthropic marketing have decided to take a look at some strategic repositioning, which will color your mind in these rather grey times!


Adapted strategies in this pandemic time


fondation pierre lavoie
Source: Pierre Lavoie's Facebook page



Montréal Sacré-Coeur Hospital Foundation
Montréal Sacré-Coeur Hospital Foundation 

fondation dr.clown
Dr. Clown Foundation

Gouvernement QC
Gouvernement du Québec

Fondation Grand Montréal
Fondation du Grand Montréal



Source: Centraide Facebook page




A wise philanthropic investment?

In this period of confinement, NPOs and philanthropic foundations that use strategies that are "empathetic" and supportive may stand out from the crowd and strengthen their brand image. Target donors are rather captive and this represents a golden opportunity for organizations to build a trusting and loyal relationship with the donor.

No need to invest large sums of money in your rebranding and digital strategy. Simply use your creativity and that' s all there is to it!



Need some advice?

Let our experts in philanthropic marketing advise you on how to make the best decisions for your digital strategy in this time of COVID-19.

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